Wednesday, May 31, 2006

To become Co-President that is the question

Hmmmm. Wendy suggested that I become a Co-President of SLA since I am replacing her as Web Master and she currently is one of 4. I guess I have a week to decide.

To the Apple store I must go...

Sadly my MacBook is experiencing some reoccuring problems so it will be brought to the Apple store to be look at by a "genious" tomorrow night. After sleeping and sometimes after just being off in general it won't start agait in. And when I do get it to start the OS X has failed unexpectedly! The other thing is it likes to turn itself on even when fully shut down! EEK! It did this 4 times in one day. I know it was off! The danger was it was put away in its sleeve and woke up and got super hot! EEK! So we'll see. Hopefully there will be no problems with #2 if I get it replaced! Wish me luck!

Monday, May 29, 2006


I'm going to be the new Web Master for our SLA student group next year!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The importance of technology in the library world

As a future librarian, understanding technology is gaining more importance. "Now technology has penetrated every facet of library service, and every staff member has to know something about technology." Says Julie James. (qtd. In Braun) I find this especially true since most libraries have computers with internet access for users, library catalogs are kept in databases, and automated check outs are starting to become commonplace.

Because of the importance of technology to the information field, the role of librarians is changing. “Librarians are not just called librarians anymore. Increasingly their job responsibilities and titles provide a framework for the technological role that they play within the library. Professional journals and electronic mailing lists reflect these new roles. They are filled with openings for Technology Consultant, Technology Training Coordinator, Head of the Digital Information Literacy Office, Information Systems Librarian, Head of Computer Services, Webmaster, Cybrarian, and Internet Services Librarian. (Braun) Because of these changes and the fact that I am a rather young future librarian and technology is bound to keep emerging, the need to know as much as possible about computers seems extremely valuable to me.

“In the best of all worlds, the person managing the technology would have both library and systems skills. However, it is still uncommon to find librarians who have a strong enough IT background.” (Braun) Because of this I decided that the addition of a degree in IST would be something that could set me apart and increase my chances of getting the job I want. I have come across several job opening that would like librarians with a MLIS and a background in computers, such as IST.

In addition the style of learning that is used in IST courses with the team-based approach is something that is also a valuable skill to have in library science. “Working in teams to develop programs and services is becoming the norm in larger public and academic libraries. (Braun) So this experience alone could be another thing that sets me apart from my peers.

After researching what skills are needed and expected of future librarians I concluded that getting a start in IST is what I should do. The skills that IST offers will set me apart from my peers upon graduation. And hopefully for many years to come help me find my place within the library community.

Braun, Linda W. "New Roles: A Librarian by Any Name." Library Journal 127(2002): 46-49.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Laptop accessories

Yesterday I finally got around to sewing a protective sleeve set for my laptop. I made one for the laptop and another for the cord and stuff like that. They turned out ok. I plan on making more, one waterproof for sure! I found some thin foam for protection that is sewn in. And used heavy duty fabric for the outside and soft flannel for the lining.

Loving my new laptop!

I am the proud owner of a MacBook 2.0 GHz White! I have had it for a full week as of today and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I haven't had any problems with heat, mooing or other noises that others have been reporting on I have just had one problem with the operating system that seems to crash sometimes upon start up, but it's only happened 3 times so far. And I have to try some of the at home remedies to see if it fixes the problem. Other than that it's been flawless!


Welcome to my new little world on the web! I have officially decided that I am perusing a certificate in IST (Information Science and Technology) to compliment my traditional MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science) degree. I have one more year of school left until both are completed. I decided to make this little space for myself to talk about my journey and frustrations along the way.