Friday, June 30, 2006

Just some light reading!

Since my management class has ended I decided to stop by the library at St. Kates and check out some light summer reading! And by light I mean 10 books on library science, most having to do with technology! Ya know just your everyday kind of reading! LOL! Yeah I guess I'm strange like that.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Sleeves for MacBooks!

If anyone needs one and would like me to make one for them just e-mail me or post a message here! :) My example can be seen further down the page and as I make more I will post them here as well.

Webmaster/Listserv Manager

That is my new official title for SLA. It was decided to have the 4 other people present be the Co-Presidents and me the Webmaster/Listserv Manager and a Treasurer. So no one was left out:) Oh well it will still look good on my resume, maybe even better since I plan on getting involved in the IST side of things and the title I have would be recognized easily there:)

I was quoted!

I am yourlordandmaster! Bet that was fun to write hehe!